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Anon no more!

All of the authors for TWHols 2013 are now revealed! Please remember to swing by the story you received and give your writer some love if you haven't already. Thank you to everyone who participated in this round - we appreciate all your support and commitment and kind words. You guys are the best. <3

Authors: feel free to cross-post and promote your stories wherever you like now.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Story time is here!

At last everyone has a story (and one lucky recipient, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, has two)! Stories are being revealed, and gift notifications should be going out from the AO3 as we speak. If you haven't gotten an email yet, you can check 'My Gifts' on your AO3 dashboard, and your story should be available there.

To explore the 60 stories being exchanged today, visit Teen Wolf Holidays 2013!

Enjoy, give lots of love to our anonymous authors, and feel free to promote the stories you love on twitter and tumblr! We have two anonymous weeks to explore all the stories before authors are revealed on December 15. Please remember to keep it secret until then!

Also, a tip for authors, borrowed from our Teen Wolf gift exchange siblings over at tw_fallharvest

You may want to edit the Published Date on your fic at the AO3.Collapse )

The end is even MORE nigh!

Pinch-hitters! This is a reminder that your stories are due within the next few days! We plan to release all the fics in the collection into the wild at some point on 12/1 (this coming Sunday), so please submit as soon as you possibly can before then. We also want to thank everyone who picked up a pinch-hit for us over the last few days. You guys are awesome, and we appreciate you stepping up to the plate. <3

Again, the collection goes live sometime on 12/1. Please keep everything anonymous until reveals happen on 12/15.

Thanks, everyone!

The end is nigh!

REMINDER! Fics for this exchange must be submitted via AO3 by midnight (11:59pm EST, whatever) on November 20th! That is THIS WEDNESDAY. If you've contacted us regarding an extension, we'll be working with you to make sure you get a couple extra days. If you don't ask us for an extension and you miss the submission deadline, we will assign your story to a pinch-hitter. Ongoing pinch-hitters should be aware of their due dates.

Good luck, everyone!

Reminder & Check-in

Gooooooood afternoon, campers! There's a little less than a month left before TWHols assignments are due, and we hope you're chugging along on schedule. Just to refresh all of our memories: fics MUST be submitted to the challenge collection by 11:59pm EST on November 20. If we don't see a submission from you by that time/date and you haven't contacted us regarding delays, etc., we will automatically reassign your recipient to a pinch-hitter and you will be banned from future TWHols events. Pinch-hitters have until 11:59pm EST on November 30 to submit their fics.

And now: the check-in! Please comment on this post with your AO3 username and let us know that you're, you know, working on your story. (We did say this would be informal.) If we don't hear from you over the next week or so, we may contact you directly just to see if you need support or to drop or something. :)

Thanks, guys, and happy writing!

Assignments! Pinch-hits! Writing!

As some may have noticed already, assignments went out a few hours early! If by some chance you signed up and did NOT receive an email from AO3, please check your spam filter and/or let us mods know via email ( so we can figure out what happened to it. REMEMBER: stories must be submitted via AO3 by November 20. If we do not receive a story from you by that date and you have not communicated with us prior to it, we will assign your recipient to a pinch-hitter and you will be banned from participating in future TWHols events.

And on the subject of pinch-hits...if you are able to offer your services as a pinch-hitter for this round, we'd really appreciate it! Pinch-hit stories will be due on November 30, and we will not request your help unless you've already submitted your primary recipient's gift. We also welcome anyone who did not sign up for the exchange proper to act as a pinch-hitter. Please comment on this post with the following information:

Email address:
I am participating in the exchange proper (Y/N):
(this is so we know who has a primary assignment and who does not)

Thank you to everyone who signed up for this round. We hope you all have a fun time writing your gifts! If you have any questions or concerns during the next few weeks, please feel free to email the mods ( We will do a quick check-in post towards the end of October to make sure everyone is on track to submit on November 20.


Round Two: Signup Instructions

Happy Saturday, everyone!

At midnight EST tonight, the signup form will go live on AO3 and will remain open until midnight EST on 9/13. Below are the instructions for signing up for round two of TW Holidays. If you have any questions regarding signups or need a code to create an account on AO3, please contact the mods ASAP!

Requests!Collapse )

Offers!Collapse )

Got all that? If so, SIGN UP HERE! EDIT: Apologies, friends, the signup form is now live and ready. And that's it for signups! Assignments will go out sometime on September 20th. Thanks for participating!

Again, if there's any further clarification needed, please comment here or email the mods at We will do our best to make this process as painless as possible.

Round Two: Schedule / Rules / FAQ

cheer up

Teen Wolf Holidays: A Fic Exchange Festival

tw_holidays is an anonymous fic exchange featuring the characters and cast of Teen Wolf. This exchange allows you to sign up and make a request for specific themes, scenarios, kinks, and all things Teen Wolf-related that you want featured in a fic, and another writer will then take those requests and write a story for you! Because this is an exchange, you will also be assigned another author's request, and you will be the one to write for them based on what they've requested.

TWHols is an anonymous exchange, meaning that although you will know who you will be writing for, you will not know the identity of the one writing for you until the end of the fest. Please keep everything hush-hush until reveals happen!

This year we'll be handling the whole shebang via AO3 - signups, assignments, submissions, and reveals. We'll do our best to answer any questions you might have about the various processes involved if you've never participated in an AO3-based exchange. If you don't have an AO3 account already and want to participate in the exchange, contact the mods and we'll try to get you an invite code prior to or during the signup period (Sept 1-13). We will continue to communicate with you via the LJ community, the exchange tumblr and the mod email account ( throughout.

TWHols is an all-inclusive exchange. All kinds of fics are welcome!


Sept 01: Signups begin
Sept 13: Signups end
Sept 20: Assignments go out
Nov 20: Story submissions due
Dec 01: Stories posted
Dec 15: Author reveals

General RulesCollapse )

FAQCollapse )

Round Two: Mark your calendars!


More information coming soon!


Housekeeping: affiliates and promos!

Hi, all!

Since the end of the winter holiday exchange, we've had a couple affiliation and promo requests from other Teen Wolf-related communities here on LJ. We've been busy with other things, so we haven't kept up with checking the mod LJ and email accounts as diligently as we did during the exchange and missed a few PMs and emails. We promise we aren't ignoring these on purpose! At the bottom of this post, you will find a list of communities that we are affiliated with. You can also find this list on the sidebar and on our profile page.

If you have any questions about tw_hols specifically and/or promos/affiliation requests between now and when we start ramping up for round 2, please private message brilligspoons or dsudis directly. We'll try to get back to you with answers as soon as we can!

See you around!

-the mods




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