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Between the Lines (gift for miya_tenaka)

Title: Between the Lines
Author: happyevraftr
Recipient: miya_morana
Pairing: Stiles/Derek
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 5,400
Summary: Only Stiles could manage to get himself mated to a werewolf for life and not even know about it. Good thing he happens to like Derek. Otherwise this could be awkward....

Author’s Note:
To miya_tenaka: What a great set of tropes and kinks to pull from! I didn’t use any of your specific prompts (I hope that’s ok!!), but I did take many of your likes and mushed them together in this fic. Posing as a couple happens to be one of my favorites as well so I just ran with that. I hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays :)

To [To be revealed - Beta reader]: You are a fantastic beta and you made this fic one thousand times better than it originally was. Thank you so much for all your hard and detailed work.

“Who’s the human?” one of the Alphas, Aaron, asks, tilting his head sideways at Stiles.

Stiles freezes and stares back into red eyes, feeling awkward as every single werewolf turns to look at him. Nothing like being put in the spotlight during a confrontation with the Alpha werewolf pack. Just his luck. He wasn’t technically supposed to be at the secret meeting in the woods; but he couldn’t resist. Unfortunately he had been sniffed out two seconds after settling into his totally awesome hiding spot in the bushes.

“None of your concern,” Derek replies harshly. He’s been wired all night, half morphed into wolf form and muscles strung tight as a bow. The pack’s been walking on eggshells around him, afraid he’ll snap at any second.

“Humans aren’t allowed to know about our existence, Hale. We’ll take him with us,” Kali says and walks towards him.

Shit. That sounds like a terrible idea. Something tells him he wouldn’t make it out of that trip alive. She’s terrifyingly sexy with bright red hair and black leather pants and jacket. She must have got the super cool werewolf club memo.

He blinks, and Derek’s suddenly in front of him, baring fangs at Kali and growling ferociously. She stops and stares for a second before throwing her head back and laughing.

“Brave of you to challenge me.” There’s a deadly edge to her voice.

“He’s mine,” Derek spits at her.

The clearing goes eerily quiet. Not even a rustle in the trees or a chirp from the birds break the stillness that’s settled over them.

“He doesn’t smell like you,” Jason comments skeptically.

“He’s sixteen,” Derek retorts.

Stiles isn’t quite sure what the fuck is going on, but whatever Derek’s doing it seems to be working. All the Alphas nod imperceptibly and take a consenting step back. A breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding whooshes out of his lungs, and he takes several big gulps of air.

After the pow-wow is over no one seems to deem his part in the evening important enough to bring up again so Stiles kind of forgets about it. They have more important things to worry about anyway. Let’s be honest, Stiles nearly getting killed is a regular Saturday afternoon. No reason this one should be any different.

Two Years Later

Even after almost three years of knowing the guy and his father being clued in about the werewolf thing, Derek still refuses to use the door like a normal person. Stiles rolls his eyes as his window is pulled open and he slips inside.

“Yes?” he asks, not bothering to look up from his computer. College applications are a bitch, and he still has seven more of them to fill out. Don’t judge. He’s really indecisive, okay?

“We have a problem.” The urgency in Derek’s voice makes him close the computer and whirl around in his chair.

“Hm, let me guess. Aliens? Transformers? Vampires? Power hungry witches?” Stiles says.

“The Alpha pack is back in town,” Derek says like it’s the most catastrophic thing to have ever happened in Beacon Hills. It isn’t. Not by a long shot. In fact--

“Wasn’t that the plan? Aren’t they some wolfy council that’s supposed to check in with pack leaders?”

“Yes, but--” Derek pauses and sighs. If Peter were here right now he’d roll his eyes and spit it out before Derek could be any more theatrical. “They think we’re mates, and they’re not going to like it if they think I’ve lied to them.”

“Whoa. Back that little choo-choo train up because Stilinski is not on board. Where was I when this happened?” he asks, perplexed.

“The night Kali tried to take you,” Derek answers.

It takes a minute for him to place the moment. Back in those days the death threats and scary bad guys were a dime a dozen, and he tries his best not catalogue each of them lest he panic at the sheer number of times he’s come face to face with death.

Eventually it slips into focus, a typical Saturday afternoon following the pack into dangerous situations. Joining them for the first get together with the Alpha pack.

“So. The whole ‘mine’ bit wasn’t about being pack, but supposedly sexing me up?” Stiles asks and smirks when Derek blushes bright red. Oh, this is too good. A thrill runs through him at the idea of finally getting his hands on Derek. Stiles gives him an appraising look and his heart flutters. It’s not like he hasn’t thought about it a few times over the years. Besides being kinda gorgeous, there’s an inevitable bond that comes with someone saving your life over and over again.

“I had to keep you safe,” Derek says resolutely.

“But now they’re back in town, and you haven’t been sexing me up,” Stiles says, just to watch him squirm.

“Stop saying it like that.”.

“Like what? Sexing me up?” he says with a smirk. There was never a moment in the past two years he thought this would be a possibility. Being with Derek was something he had only ever dreamed of.

Derek scowls, and Stiles can’t hold in a chuckle at that.

“So-- are you saying we have to have sex or they’re going to kill us? ‘Cus I have to say that’s not too terrible compared to some of the other shit I’ve had to do.” Not terrible at all. More like every single one of Stiles fantasies come to life.

“That is absolutely not what I’m saying. They just need to think you’re my mate.” Derek looks thoroughly scandalized.

Stiles takes a quick intake of breath and bites at his lips. Derek isn’t here asking him out, he wants to fake it. That-- hurts, in a way Stiles wasn’t expecting.

“Well, I think it would be way more fun if we just went ahead and had all this sex,” he says a little more hesitantly, taking advantage of the only opportunity he may ever have to be with the guy he kind of maybe is a little in love with..

“They think you’re my mate, not my boyfriend, Stiles. Stop being childish.”

“And the difference is?” he asks.

“Mates are for life.” Derek says, looking away from him and peering out the window.


Well, shit. That escalated quickly.

“So anytime they’re around--”

“We have to pretend to be mates,” Derek says, takes a deep breath, then continues, “not just when they’re around though. You’re a packs’ human. You smell like wolf. They’re can’t be anyone else. Ever. It could mean all our lives.”

It’s not the forever that has anger boiling up under his skin. It’s the ‘pretend’ that does it. Having his choice essentially ripped away for the sake of the pack isn’t all that new, nor is it all that bad-- but having to pretend to be with Derek and not even have him?

“Seriously? How is that supposed to work? You’re telling me I have to pretend to be your mate for pretty much forever?”

“I-- I don’t know what to tell you. Was I supposed to let them take you that night?”

Stiles stands up from his chair, anger bubbling low in his stomach. “I don’t know! But you weren’t supposed to make that kind of decision for me. Force me to be tied to you of all people for the rest of my life! Jesus Derek, this is--”

The problem with his no word-to-mouth filter is sometimes he says things before he thinks about how other people could interpret them. Like now, for instance. Derek recoils like he’s been slapped and a smooth mask of indifference slips over his features.

“No, no I didn’t mean it like that.” Because he didn’t. He didn’t mean that Derek wasn’t someone he wanted, the exact opposite was the case actually. He just didn’t want to be tied to someone for the majority (if not all) of his life that had no interest in him.

“Yes. You did,” Derek says as he stalks over to invade his space.

He’s not exactly sure what to expect, and is surprised when Derek pulls him into a crushing hug.

“You need to smell like me,” he explains. “I’m sorry, but I can’t let them hurt the pack.”

Stiles doesn’t have a choice, he will always protect the one he loves, so leans into the embrace; awkwardly standing with his arms at his sides and cheek squished up against Derek’s leather jacket. They stay that way for a long while. Long enough that he’s counted up to 567 little dots on his ceiling, and the blood circulation has all but stopped in his arms and hands.

Finally, Derek lets him go, and Stiles gives a nervous chuckle as he quickly steps back. His heart is racing and stomach feels a bit queasy. Talk about awkward. If he never has to go through that again it would be too soon.

“Wear this,” Derek says as he slips his arms out of his jacket and drapes it around Stiles’ shoulders. Stiles simply glares in response. Apparently the conversation is over and Derek is moving forward with the plan. Stiles heart hurts in his chest and he already feels bitter.

“I’m taking some of your clothes to mix with mine.” Derek says and begins to rummage through Stiles dresser.

“Would you like a lock of my hair, too?” Stiles jabs.

Derek doesn’t answer as he moves to the window. He has one leg half out when he turns around and pierces Stiles with a broken look.

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry. I understand why I’m not good enough, but I was honestly just trying to save your life.” With those parting words, he jumps out the window leaving a very confused Stiles in his wake.

Being a man of far too many words, sometimes he doesn’t read between the lines until everyone else is ten pages ahead of him. He’s smart enough to figure out that there was something entirely else going on during that visit, and he’s pretty sure he just failed some kind of test.

He sighs and plops back down in his chair. Lydia is right; boys are stupid.


Overall, the meeting with the Alpha pack goes well. They seem to approve of how Derek’s handling things and won’t be back for a while unless he screws up in some way. As an added bonus, they don’t blink an eye at Stiles, believing him and Derek are officially mates now.

On the downside, things between Derek and him are beyond strained. It’s like when they first met, but even worse. There’s not even any death threats! Three weeks go by, and Stiles has to admit he’s moping. They’re pack and the awkwardness during pack meetings is stifling, putting everyone on edge. No one likes it when other members of the pack are fighting.

Stiles supposes he should probably apologize for his little outburst, but he’s still peeved Derek decided a huge part of his future without any input from him. He’s also just plain hurt. Essentially doomed to pretend the object of his affection is his- but yet he isn’t. A part him realizes it was his fault he was even in the clearing that night, but that doesn’t curb his frustration over the situation.

It gets to the point Derek won’t talk to him and barely even looks at him anymore. Eventually the tension becomes so palpable other people decide to get involved. Stiles is honestly surprised it’s taken them this long. After a particularly awkward pack meeting, Lydia and Allison drag him away and sequester the three of them in one of the Hale house bedrooms.

“Ok, so spill Juliet,” Lydia says and sits down on the bed. Allison quickly joins her.

“About?” Stiles asks, perplexed.

“Scott says you smell like Derek now, and everyone’s been waiting for it to happen for two whole years. Derek and his stupid sense of nobility. It’s kind of romantic, though.” Allison sighs happily. Stiles is a little bit afraid.

“But now there seems to be trouble in paradise because I’ve never seen Derek so broody, and that’s saying something!” Lydia says.

“No, no, no. We were just pretending while the Alpha pack was here. It wasn’t real or anything. In fact, I’ve been pretty mad with Derek about the whole damn thing. I don’t know how I’m ever supposed to have a normal life if I have to pretend to be his mate, and I told him as much.” He doesn’t know how he’s supposed to live with Derek at arms length.

During his spiel, the girls’ comforting smiles slowly turn upside down, until they’re frowning. Lydia jumps up and moves to his side, a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Oh, Stiles, honey, you didn’t.” She tuts at him and pulls him over to the bed, making him sit between her and Allison. “No wonder he’s pining so damn much,” Lydia says with a roll of her eyes.

“Didn’t what?” he asks, looking between the two. If boys are stupid, girls are really freaking complicated.

“First of all,” Allison says and puts a hand over his, “did you ever stop to think that Derek had to give up his future, too? He sacrificed any potential to be happy with someone just to save your life. If he wants to be with someone it’s going to be really tricky to keep it from the Alphas.”

“Not that he’d want anyone else anyways,” Lydia mumbles.

Stiles feels like he was just pushed off the top of a building and is free falling, spiraling out of control. He hadn’t thought of it like that.

“Hey wait, wouldn’t want anyone else? If you’re trying to imply Derek really wants me like that then you’re crazy. You should have seen the look on his face when I suggested we get it on.” He sulks a little, replaying the memory in his mind.

The girls look at each other, likely communicating some ultra secret psychic message, before turning back to him.

“Stiles, he’s been in love with you since forever. Are you really that oblivious?” Allison asks, staring at him like she’s going to lose all faith in him if he answers this wrong.

He absolutely can’t hold back his reaction: he laughs. It’s that or he’s going to cry and that’s just not acceptable. So he full body, can’t breathe, tears in his eyes laughs. Distantly he hears Lydia say, “Looks like he is that oblivious,” over his cackling. By the time he’s done, his stomach hurts and he thinks he peed his pants a little bit.

“Did Scott put you up to this? Jackson?” he asks when he finally catches his breath.

Allison smirks and says, “Scott told me you were mates a long time ago. Said he could smell it or something. He was pretty grossed out at first, but now he’s just really exasperated with you two, and he’s about ready to smush your faces together and make you kiss already.”

Stiles frowns, head feeling extraordinarily cloudy. There’s no way that could be true. Just. What the fuck?

“I have to go,” he says as he stands and runs from the room. He thinks Lydia says something else, but he’s not entirely sure. He’s focused on finding Derek and figuring out just what the hell has been going on when he wasn’t paying attention.

It takes him a good twenty minutes to figure out where Derek’s run off to. He asks Peter, who takes one look at him and grins creepily. “I would like to note I’ve tried to make this happen at least twenty times in the past year. I’ll be leaving now so you can have all the sex.”

Stiles chokes on his own spit at that and his eyes bug out. “I was just going to ask where he is.”

“You reek of lust, love and nerves. It’s really quite sickly sweet, but I want my nephew to be happy so I’m putting up with your shenanigans. He went on a run and should be back anytime.” Peter stands from the desk he was working at and walks towards the door. “Everybody out,” he yells and holds the door as all the werewolves come scampering from around the house.

On the way out, Scott gives him a weak smile that seems to say, “I’m so grossed out right now, but thank god this is finally happening.” Erica leans over and tells him she wants all the juicy details, Isaac looks confused, Boyd doesn’t even give him a second glance, and Allison and Erica are smiling like the crazy devils they are while giving him two thumbs up.

“Have fun, tiger,” Peter says with a wink and pulls the door behind him.

Well, that wasn’t embarrassing at all. Is it just him, or does the pack want him and Derek together? He’s---well, he’s kind of surprised by that idea. Yeah. He’s definitely missed some of that between the lines stuff.

He’s still lost in thought, standing in the exact same place, when Derek walks through the door. The suddenness of it makes him jump and flail a little bit.

”What are you doing here?” Derek asks, body closed off and tone clipped: very clearly communicating he wants nothing to do with Stiles.

“Are we actually mates? Like, for real?” he asks, seeing no reason to beat around the bush.

Derek freezes and his head snaps over to look at him, abject horror in his eyes. “We are not having this discussion. You already made your feelings on the subject very clear.”

“No, I really didn’t. See, you told me you wanted to pretend. What you never asked is how I felt about being your mate for real. ‘Cus if you had asked me then I would have told you how much I fucking want it. At least I want to try.”

Derek starts to say something three or four times before he gives up and just stares at him.

“Are we mates?” Stiles asks again.

Stiles is kind of afraid he’s broken the man, before Derek takes two big strides over to him and frames the sides of his face with both hands.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” he says, stealing Stiles’ breath away before leaning in just that little bit more and pressing their lips together.

Stiles shudders and lets his eyes fall closed. Derek’s lips are soft and taste like an addicting mixture of salt and sweet. It’s his first kiss and it’s perfect. Derek guides him with his hands, tilting his head to the side so their lips slot together. Stiles really has no idea what the hell he’s doing, but he lets instinct take over and moves his mouth slowly, savoring the way they fit together.

When Derek’s tongue slides along his lips, he opens his mouth without a second thought, letting him in to explore. Yeah, kissing is really fucking awesome. It has his blood thrumming in his veins, heart racing and stomach all tied up in knots. It turns filthy as Stiles darts his tongue out to meet Derek’s, bodies pressing tight together.

Stiles has never hated jeans more than he does in this moment. His dick is hard and straining beneath the rough denim material and all he wants to do is jerk off and satisfy this overwhelming need for something, anything.

Derek pulls back from the kiss and stares at him with wide eyes, nostrils flaring. “You really want this, don’t you?” he asks, looking nearly bewildered.

Stiles can’t contain an eyeroll and smirk at that. “No, no. I don’t want you at all. I just feel like I’m coming unglued and have a raging hard on for no reason at all.” He shakes his head again at Derek’s stupidity.

He steps forward and takes Derek’s hand in his own. Leaning close he whispers, “This is what you do to me, what you’ve always done to me,” as he guides Derek’s hand to his dick.

The flare of red in Derek’s eyes is unmistakable, wild and untameable. “This isn’t just about your damn hormones. I’ve already told you what being a mate means, and it’s not just sex.”

“I’m not saying it’s about sex, but you needed to know that I do want you. Unless you don’t think I’m qualified for the job,” he says and takes a step back, suddenly unsure.

“I never said that,” Derek growls.

“Then I don’t understand what the problem is. I’m not sixteen anymore. I know what I’m doing. This is my choice. So unless you don’t want me, I’m standing right here.” He opens his arms to emphasize his point.

“If I actually take you as my mate, there’s no going back,” Derek says slowly.

“No shit, Sherlock. You’ve explained that already,” Stiles retorts.

“I--” Derek is staring at him with that deer in the headlights look again. Almost as if he’s afraid to take what he wants. The hesitancy makes Stiles’ heart ache for them both. They’re both damaged and dysfunctional to the point that Derek honestly doesn’t think he deserves happiness; but that’s just so fucked up Stiles is determined not to let it happen.

He closes the distance between them and kisses Derek sweetly this time, pouring everything he can’t find the words to say into the kiss. When they break apart, he smiles hesitantly. “Come on Sourwolf, let me be your mate.”

For a second he thinks Derek might actually say no, but then he picks Stiles up and throws him over his shoulder.

“Holy mother of-- crap! What the hell are you doing?” Stiles shrieks.

“Making you my mate,” Derek says simply as he carries him up the stairs and down the hallway.

“Well, that sounds awesome, but let’s be clear that us being mates does not give you free reign to manhandle me,” he says in response. He gives Derek’s ass a little slap just because it’s there in his face and he can. It should be illegal to have an ass that hard and round. It’s distracting.

Derek doesn’t say anything else, just kicks open the door to his room with a foot and gently sets Stiles down on the bed. With meticulous precision he proceeds to forcefully remove all of Stiles’ clothes until he’s naked in the middle of the bed with Derek staring at him.

He crosses his arms over his chest and takes a shaky breath. “This isn’t awkward at all.”

“Shut up and let me look,” Derek says and pries Stiles’ arms away from his body.

“But this isn’t--”

“Stiles!” The Alpha power in Derek’s voice is strong, and while it can’t control him like the wolves, it still makes Stiles shut his mouth in obedience.

He closes his eyes while Derek looks over him appraisingly, unable to keep eye contact while feeling so vulnerable and exposed. Eventually he feels a thumb brush over his cheek, and he opens his eyes to find Derek hovering above him.

“You’re perfect,” Derek says quietly.

There’s so much behind that simple statement, and it makes Stiles’ heart swell in pride. He’s good enough for the pack, good enough to be Derek’s mate. The tight ball of potential rejection finally unwinds, and he sighs in contentment.

They kiss again before Derek stands from the bed and pulls his shirt over his head. At the sight of Derek’s well toned body Stiles throws an arm over his face and whimpers. “How are you even real?”

He peaks from over his arm in time to see Derek smile in amusement. Watching with rapt attention, he sits up as Derek slowly removes his pants and underwear. His thighs are just as fit as the rest of him and his cock is hard between his legs. The sight of it makes Stiles’ mouth water.

Before joining him on the bed, Derek grabs something from the bedside table. Stiles tracks his every movement, enjoying the way his muscles ripple under his skin with each step. It’s not until Derek is kneeled between his legs that he realizes the little bottle in his hand is lube.

This is happening. His breath catches in his throat, and he’s caught between being elated and scared out of his mind. Going from first kiss to losing his virginity in one night is mind-blowing amazing, but he still has no clue what the fuck he’s doing.

“Spread your legs,” Derek says and taps on the top of his knee.

He lets his legs fall open, tamping down the vulnerability that makes him want to snap them shut.

Derek hums and keeps his eyes locked on Stiles as he pops open the container and squeezes the lube into his hand. He rubs it around a little to warm it and then presses his fingers to Stiles hole. The foreign presence there is overwhelming but welcome. Stiles bites his lip to keep from calling out and squirms around.

Unfortunately Derek pulls away and climbs up his body, curving himself into Stiles’ side. “You have to calm down or I’m going to hurt you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m the perfect picture of calm,” Stiles says indignantly.


“I’ve never done this before. I’m just nervous,” he admits sheepishly.

“Good. You’re mine,” Derek says into his ear as he tightens his grip on Stiles’ thigh. His fingers inch down until they’re swirling over his hole in small little circles. The pressure feels amazing and makes Stiles’ balls pull up tight, cock throbbing.

Derek nips at his ear to distract him as he pushes inside with just the tip of one finger. It stings a little, but mostly it just feels really fucking good. Stiles takes a few deep breaths to try and relax down into the touch, savoring the slight burn spreading over his body.

Being careful not to hurt him, Derek goes unbearably slow. Finally he pushes his finger all the way inside and crooks it just a little until he brushes against a particularly sensitive spot that has Stiles keening and arching off the bed. When he can see straight again, he realizes he has the sheets bunched in two tight fists.

He whines in protest as Derek pulls his finger out, reaching down to try and grab his wrist.

“Patience,” Derek commands and Stiles goes still.

He’s rewarded with two fingers pushing in this time, filling him slowly and stretching him much further than before. It hurts a little, but he likes this sensation of being so full. They stay that way until Stiles can’t take it anymore and starts to fuck himself down onto Derek’s fingers. If being filled doesn’t feel amazing enough, the slick slide of the fingers slipping in and out is unbelievable.

As Derek begins to scissor his fingers back and forth, Stiles pulls his lower lip between his teeth and bites down hard. His body feels lax and stretched and yet simultaneously taut as a bow. His cock leaks precome onto his belly, making a sticky mess he wants Derek to lick up.

“Just a little more,” Derek encourages as he shallowly pushes in a third finger. It’s too much, but he takes it anyway. Nothing is going to keep him from getting Derek’s cock inside him, and he has a feeling these three measly fingers are just the beginning.

Derek bites gently at his shoulder and thrusts his hips forward into his side. Stiles can feel his hard cock brushing against his hipbone and even if he’s not ready, he’s ready.

“Come on,” Stiles says as he tugs at Derek’s arm. He obliges and pulls away from, motioning for Stiles to flip over. “I need to take you like this.”

He doesn’t ask questions. He doesn’t really give a flying fuck how this happens so long as it does actually happen and within in the next couple minutes. So he flips over onto all fours and wiggles his butt a little to tease.

Derek smacks his ass in response which makes him yelp and jump a little. As the sting from his hand fades, it dissolves into a dull throb that seems to match the heartbeat he can feel pounding all the way to his cock.

“I don’t know how much I’ll be able to contain myself during this. My wolf is likely to take over,” Derek says as he runs a soothing hand up and down Stiles’ spine.

“S’fine. Just get to it already,” Stiles says through gritted teeth. It’s kind of a miracle he’s gone this long without coming, but his lucky streak is going to run out soon and he damn well wants to feel Derek inside him before that happens.

Derek places both hands on Stiles’ hips and bends down to kiss his back before slowly pushing forward. At first the only thing Stiles can focus on is the pain. It burns and causes his erection to flag, tears prickling at the corner of his eyes. He digs his fingernails into the bed and bites down on his lip until his mouth fills with copper.

“Sh. Breathe. You’ll be okay,” Derek whispers. It’s probably supposed to be comforting, but right now it hurts and Stiles kind of wants to punch him in the face.

After what feels like hours of awkward silence and waiting, the pain edges off into something a little more tolerable and hazy around the edges. Experimentally, he pushes back onto Derek’s cock and is rewarded with a loud hissing noise. He realizes how much self control this must require from Derek, and Stiles is beyond thankful he’s been able to hold back.

“I’m okay,” he says, voice cracking.

The hands on his hips grip him firmly and ever so cautiously pull him back until Derek is fully seated in him. It feels amazing. Better than that, really. Stiles honestly has no words for how all-encompassingly perfect it is to be fucked by Derek Hale.

Unable to hold himself up any longer, he lets his head droop and drops down to his elbows, trying to remember how to breathe. Eventually Derek sets a slow but steady pace, pulling out until the head catches on Stiles rim and then gently thrusts back forward. Before he even realizes it, the intense pleasure has replaced the pain and his cock is hardening against his belly.

“I can’t--” Derek says, voice strangled. “I need--”

“Do whatever you need. Just don’t like, accidentally turn me.” Stiles says, getting needy and desperate for more.

The air around them shifts, and Stiles can feel the change even if he can’t see it. Sharp nails scrape across his hipbones, careful not to dig in, but still nicking at the skin. A primal growl fills the room and reverberates off the walls. The sound shakes Stiles to the core, making him whine, dig his heels into the bed and shove himself backwards.

Derek holds him as he thrusts with abandoned restraint. This is what he’d been missing for years and didn’t even know it. The steady slap of skin against skin, the stretch and fill of a cock and the slight burn that travels all the way up his spine.

He’s getting close, so close to sweet release. His cock bobs against his stomach, and his balls feel like they’re about to explode. Derek drapes himself over his back and lightly drags his fangs across his neck. He shivers at that and pushes back into the harsh rhythm.

It’s his undoing when Derek wraps long fingers around his swollen cock and pumps them in time with his thrusts. No more than two strong pulls later and he’s coming all over his chest and the bed. The force of his orgasm makes his whole body seize up and spasm in relief.

Stiles loses himself for a minute, wandering through the thick haze of pleasure. When consciousness returns he feels Derek thrust forward one more time before coming deep inside him. The base of his cock begins to swell and yes-- dear God, that is a knot.

It stretches and fills him beyond comprehension, pushing at him until it’s almost too much to bear. Derek presses open mouthed kisses along his back and runs his hands up and down his sides.

“This is a bit of a surprise,” Stiles manages to choke out.

He feels the claws retract and hears Derek take a steadying breath behind him. “I think it’s a wolf thing. Or maybe a mates thing. That doesn’t usually happen.”

Stiles pulls forward just a little and whines as the knot tugs against him. “You can do that again anytime you want.”

Derek pulls them down onto their sides so they’re spooning, forced into cuddling until his knot goes down. As they lie there together in contented silence, Stiles feels the weight from the past couple years lift from his shoulders. He has someone to share it with now. The best part is that they don’t have to pretend the next time the Alpha Pack comes around.

No more pretending.



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Dec. 4th, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)
eeeeeeeee this story makes me so happy! it's a little angsty and a little sweet and really hot.
Dec. 4th, 2012 08:16 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D I liked the edge of angst and the happy ending, and the hot, sweaty part too! Hee, fangs and claws are my favorite. :P This was really fun.
Dec. 4th, 2012 05:17 pm (UTC)
This was lovely! And lol the matchmaking pack getting out of the way in time. ;)
Dec. 4th, 2012 09:53 pm (UTC)
Awww sweet and hot!
Dec. 6th, 2012 12:15 am (UTC)
I love oblivious characters and sudden epiphanies. Great job!
Dec. 6th, 2012 12:24 am (UTC)
This was awesome, great job, thanks! :)
Dec. 9th, 2012 01:36 pm (UTC)
Oooh, this is great. I love a good mate fic!
Dec. 9th, 2012 11:15 pm (UTC)
Mmm, that's delicious! Great job :-)
May. 13th, 2013 08:35 pm (UTC)
really no more pretending!
greatly done
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